How we’ve gone from strength to strength

It’s been a fantastic year for us at The Big Zero, and with some exciting new products in development, things are looking rosy for us as we enter into the summer months. Our very strong presence in the education sector is gaining momentum, as schools appreciate the value of a leading edge refreshing fruit slush product that delivers such great nutritional value for students and staff. Appreciable volumes of new orders coming on line every month are helping to drive appreciation and respect for the Big Zero brand.

At the heart of everything will always be the gorgeous flavours of our 99.9%  fruit products. Ultimately, this will always drive our success, which is why we develop new flavours with such care and attention to detail at our tasting and innovation centre. All our flavours – raspberry, cherry, tropical, strawberry, apple&mango, lemon&lime – have been developed in this way, and all have an ambient shelf life of up to 6 months. The other great news for schools and businesses is that they need never worry about the nutritional and allergen concerns that they might have to from other providers.

When we first started, we conducted extensive research into the right technology for our optimum quality products. Our quest took us all the way to Italy, where we visited the headquarters of the pioneering Carpigiani company – the firm that has been at the forefront of the gelato and fruit slush industries for more than 60 years.

The final piece of the puzzle was to develop a first class after sales service, with our responsive team providing a free maintenance service. We have some exciting announcements coming soon, so do watch this space!