Children School Water

Did you know that our brains and heart are made of up of 70% water? If our children are going to have the energy and mental capacity to learn, keeping them hydrated is an important consideration.

As parents and teachers are more than aware, children and teenagers often forget to drink and when they do think about drinking, regularly choose carbonated options. Not only do children need reminding that drinking is important, they need to be presented with healthy choices: choices that are appealing to our children, brought up in a world of strong tastes and immediate gratification.

How do you get children to drink regularly?

The trick is to offer them a healthy, reasonably-priced flavourful drink. Water is great, as is Big Zero fruit slush. This slush contains 99.9% pure fruit juice and water. There is no added sugar nor other nasties and it’s not made from a calorie-laden syrup. That’s the healthy part sorted.

Big Zero drinks are dispensed via a slushy machine – that’s crushed ice to you and me. Schools can made 400 cups or 132 litres out of one case. It’s a cost effective dispensing system that appeals to both young children and teenagers alike – who can turn down a slushy?

So here’s your alternative. Combine Big Zero fruit slushies with water fountains around your school and you’ll have well-hydrated, healthy students ready to learn… well, hydrated students anyway! Call us now on 01234 851 620 to learn more.