Carpgiani fruit slush machines – classic Italian engineering

Big Zero fruit slush machines, The Big Zero

Carpigiani fruit slush machines – classic Italian design excellence

With a rapidly increasing number of  schools and businesses now enjoying the pure 99.9% fruit quality of The Big Zero, it’s a good time to reflect on our Italian connection, in the form of our GBG Carpigiani fruit slush machines.

Italian design and engineering are widely known and respected around the world for the beautiful objects they create. The Italian automotive industry for example, which produces the world’s fastest, most desirable sports cars. Why is it that people dream of owning a Ferrari or Lamborghini? For Italians, it’s all about the emotions, with quality inextricably linked to a sense of the aesthetic and how things makes us feel. Which explains, perhaps, the appeal of even the more modest Italian design icons, like the Fiat 500.

Much the same can be said of Italian tailors and designers, so often sought after by the world’s cultural royalty (and actual royalty, too). Milan and Rome are two of the  ‘Big 5’ fashion capitals of the world, where a ‘who’s who’ of legendary designers weave their magic: Prada. Armani. Gucci. Versace. And many of the most famous fashion houses from across the globe (including Chanel and Dior) rely on specialised Italian craft factories to help produce their goods. ‘Made in Italy’, speaks of excellence in creativity and craftsmanship. Italian luxury goods, renowned for their quality, elegance and refinement make them desired around the world. And so it is too, with our own market leading  Carpigiani fruit slush machines.

Italy may have given us opera, ballet and the Renaissance, but perhaps the best-loved export of all is its food.  Italy vies with France for the title of world cuisine champion, evidenced in the fact that over 250 Italian food products are protected by the European Union for their designation of origin (compared to the UK’s 65).

Huge variations in landscape and climate gives Italy a big advantage when it comes to growing exceptional ingredients. From the jagged peaks of the Dolomites in the north to the sun baked volcanic soils of the south, Italy has the perfect environment to develop and produce some of the world’s best loved dishes.

The long hot Mediterranean summers forced the Italians to devise effective ways of cooling down, which explains, perhaps, why they invented the world’s favourite ice cream, gelato, and granita, the cousin of our very own delicious fruit slush. These icy delicacies are sold around the world: on beaches, in restaurants –  and now in UK offices and schools, courtesy of Big Zero’s Italian inspired flavours and its Carpigiani fruit slush machines.

GBG Carpigiani itself is based in the heart of Italy, just outside Bologna. Created by brothers Bruto and Poerio Carpigiani in 1944, their machines have been responsible for creating over half of the world’s gelato and fruit slush for more than 60 years now. You’ll find your delicious Big Zero fruit slush served from one of their ‘Spin’ machines.

This ‘cutting edge’ technology is manufactured in accordance with all the classic principles of the finest Italian engineering, which is why Carpigiani fruit slush machines are top of the class for hygiene, efficiency and environmental impact. And as you’d expect of Italian design, they also look great – especially with the vibrant, colourful goodness of Big Zero fruit slush in their twin dispensers.

In keeping with the uncompromising excellence of Carpigiani technology, our fruit slush is the purest it can get, with zero additives and preservatives. It’s why we use the best machines, and because we believe great customer service doesn’t end with the purchase, it’s also why we offer free maintenance. If you’d like to know more about The Big Zero and our market leading fruit slush products, call our Head Office on  01234 851 620 or email: info (at) And as a final thought,  let’s respect these words of the Roman poet Horace:

“No poem was ever written by a drinker of water.”