Young people love the taste of fruit slush, and it’s good for them too.

Fruit slush is an excellent way to consume of of your five daily portions. The catch phrase ‘5 A DAY’ has been part of one of the most successful health campaigns ever launched; very few people would not have heard of it, or indeed not tried to heed it. It originated with the World Health Organisation’s recommendation of 400g of fruit and vegetables every day, to minimise the risk of health problems such as cancer, stroke and heart disease.

Fruit slush

Why the five?

From a more positive perspective, fruit and vegetables don’t just help prevent problems, they are, in conjunction with a balanced diet, an excellent way to promote health. For a start, they are a very good source of the fibre we all need to keep our digestive systems in tip-top shape. And they are also an excellence source of minerals and vitamins – vitamin C in particular.

Depending on how you consume them, fruit and vegetables are also low in fat. While there is a lot of discussion about ‘good’ fats and ‘bad’ fats, we need to guard against over consumption of any of them. Fruit and vegetables contribute to a healthy heart and a healthy body weight.

Which fruits and vegetables contribute to the 5 a day?

The answer to what specific fruits and vegetables count as one of the five a day is – practically any of them, whether they are fresh or packaged. The argument that crisps count as one of the 5 a day won’t wash, unfortunately, for two reasons. Firstly, the frying, and secondly because of the heavy starch content of potatoes. Having said this, baked beans do actually count, as do frozen vegetables.

One portion frozen

There are many delicious and appetising ways to consume your 5 a day. As well as comsuming them fresh, fruit and vegetables can be frozen or canned. And one of your portions, up to 150ml per day, can be in the form of fruit juice. Frozen fruit slush, consumed with a midday meal, is delicious way to take one of your 5 a day – and one which certainly appeals to young people, many of whom make life very difficult for parents concerned about giving them a healthy diet.

The advantage of The Big Zero fruit slush

At 99.9% pure fruit, the Big Zero fruit slush can help promote good health. And when products are this pleasing to the palate, young people are going actually going to choose to consume them – so it’s all a bit of a no-brainer.

We’re obviously delighted to see The Big Zero making such inroads into the education sector. When we were developing this product we wanted to make it the best it could be. Our refusal to compromise on quality or service is paying off, to the advantage of all. If you’d like to know more about The Big Zero, do get in touch. And click here for more information about the nutritional and alllegen data of The Big Zero products.