Fruit slushie – take it slow!

A Fruit slushie: one of their five a day. The revised school food standards, introduced in January 2015, and widely welcomed by the school food industry, outlined in very specific terms how schools could ensure that children obtained a wide variety of appropriate nutrients in their weekly school food and drink intake.

Fruit slushie

Up to the time the standards were introduced, there had been well-founded concerns about potentially harmful additives, preservatives and sugars in many of the drinks served in school canteens, not to mention the percentage of actual fruit present in fruit slushies and similar items. As a result, there is now a greater appreciation than there ever has been before, of the difference that schools can make to the general health of young people in their care.

This is certainly a factor in the success of The Big Zero, and our promotion of 99.9% pure fruit slushies, with no added preservatives or sugars. As with most things in the food and drink industry, the introduction of artificial flavours into food and drink is a complex issue, but generally speaking, the addition of artificial flavours is an admission that without them, the items in question would not have the consumer appeal to make them commercially viable.

The Big Zero fruit slushies are, at their core, wholesome and healthy but we also don’t need to use any flavourings, or base our fruit slushies on sugar syrup as some others do. Our natural fruit juices are produced from pure fruit concentrate, to which our customers only need add water.

Although The Big Zero fruit slushies provide a refreshing blast of natural flavour, there is never any choice but to consume them slowly. So school students enjoying one with their school dinner would find it very difficult indeed to bolt a Big Zero fruit slushie down and then rush to the counter for another one. In this sense, it’s the perfect formula for moderation and thus, a great way for them to take one of their five a day.

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