The morning after – a natural Big Zero pure fruit drink is ideal

It’s kind of a given that come February, memberships of all the UK’s gyms and health clubs will boom, with the vast majority of those new memberships lapsing before March is even over.

In a broader sense we could say that this just the inevitable pattern of Christmas excess which we should all accept as part of our cultural landscape. Fair enough, to a point, but it’s also a good ideThe Big Zero fruit slusha to think ahead and put a few things in place to ensure we stay relatively healthy over the festive period.

So let’s start by thinking about the start of the day. Eating a healthy breakfast with fruit, porridge or yoghurt can help boost our immune levels and at some level at least, offset the effects of too much alcohol, and on the day before that big night out on the tiles, you’d be well advised to make a big effort to consume a good amount of water – up to 8 glasses is recommended.

Regarding alcohol, almost all of us tend to over-indulge at the party, but remember – don’t drink on an empty stomach. Line your stomach with yoghurt or a bowl of cereal. When the party is in full swing, you can still mitigate the effects by making sure you don’t mix your drinks. Limit the amount of fizz you consume as these drinks are absorbed quickly. At the end of the party, take more water as this will hydrate you and help reduce the severity of the hangover.

As far as party food goes, it’s tempting to stay near the buffet and keep grazing, but try not to do so. It’s good to be mindful of what canapés and buffet items we are consuming and attempt to balance the ‘orange’ food with salad and vegetable items.

On the morning after the party, rehydrate but avoid the sugary drinks! A natural, icy Big Zero style slush drink with no added sugar is ideal.

A very merry Christmas and happy holidays to all from all of us at The Big Zero!