Our top ten ways to enjoy a sober Christmas party!


If you’re trying to stay off the booze for a month or two, the Christmas Party can be a nightmare – there’s just so much pressure to partake that it’s often hard not to cave in. So here are the top 10 ways to avoid alcohol without being labelled some kind of party-pooper. Fruit slushie

1. Say you’re the designated driver. You’ll have people actively helping you avoid the drink.

2. Say you’re trying to lose weight. It will help if you’re a person who actually looks like they should shed a few kilos. If you’re at the other extreme, this may look like a fairly flimsy excuse.

3. Drink pretend alcohol. Those colourful non-alcoholic cocktails with fruits and umbrellas are impossible to distinguish from the alcoholic variety.

4. Don’t make a big deal of things. Tell people you’re having a night off the booze, rather than boring everyone with your long-term health kick.

5. Say you’ve got an early morning or a busy schedule the next day.

6. Use a proper, health-related reason like ‘alcohol gives me a terrible headache’.

7. Just keep getting the rounds in. Buy more than your fair share of drinks and nobody will mind what you do or say.

8. Leave early. You’ve put in an appearance and shown your face – now let them all get plastered together. Sorry to say, but they almost certainly won’t miss you.

9. Find a quiet corner with another non-drinker. You’ll be amazed at how much sense you’re making, compared to all those around you.

10. Have a couple of refreshing Big Zero fruit slush drinks. 99.9% pure fruit with no added sugar will have you feeling refreshed and ready for the kind of inane behaviour the rest of the party can throw at you.

Whether you’re imbibing or not over the festive period, it’s a very Merry Christmas from all of us at The Big Zero – thank you for your custom and your friendship over the past 12 months, and here’s to a great 2017!