Fruit slushie fun

A cool Yule to you all!

Fun with fruit slushies

Kids are some of the biggest fans of Big Zero fruit slushies, as we know from the growing number of schools that use our machines. But the Christmas holidays will soon begin, and then parents and carers will have a double problem: the kids won’t be able to get their fruit slushies from the school’s Big Zero machine, and they’ll soon get bored waiting for Christmas Day.

While it’s never too late to order a Big Zero fruit slush machine for your business, it’s worth knowing about alternative ways of making fruit slush. But be prepared for some work!

Here’s a cool idea for a fun project that has many advantages:

  • the kids make their own fruit slushies without needing a machine
  • it works off some energy
  • it uses an ancient scientific principle that smart kids can impress their teachers with when they go back to school

A few weeks ago we were talking about how people made frozen drinks in the centuries before electric machines were developed. The clever French discovered that dissolving saltpetre in water lowered its temperature: liquid in a flask submerged in the water would start to freeze. This project uses a similar trick.

First, make a large ice cube by putting 150ml of water and 1 tsp of salt into a sealable plastic bag. To make it more fun for kids, you could add some food colouring – a different colour for each child if you’re entertaining several of them.

If we get some really wintery days and the temperature falls below freezing point you could put the ice-cube bags outside in a sheltered place to freeze. Otherwise pop them in the freezer for a few hours.

Then the fun can really start. While the bags are freezing, get each child to choose their favourite fruit juice. You might need to go out to buy the juices at this point because a kid who’s familiar with the Big Zero range will already have some imaginative ideas. Apple and mango, lemon and lime, raspberry, strawberry, cherry, tropical …

Put 300ml of your chosen juice into a large jar with a leak-proof screw top, and pop in one of the frozen salt-water cubes. Then tighten the lid and stand back while …

… the kids go as bananas as they like, shaking the jar until …

… after just a few minutes the fruit juice turns to fruit slush!

This trick never fails to delight. The kids work off some energy and are rewarded with a delicious drink. For the genius who wants to impress his or her class teacher, they can report that the salt keeps the water frozen for longer than plain water ice, so that the ice cube is in longer contact with the juice as it shakes.

And the rest of us can reflect on how easy life is when you just press a button on one of Big Zero’s fruit slush machines.