What ‘water cooler’ really means

Renew the water coolerThe term ‘water cooler’ – has come to mean much more than just a machine dispensing water.  These days it is a symbol for staff well-being and morale. Employees taking a few moments’ down time to relax and chat over a cool drink are refreshing much more than their bodies. They’re also refreshing their minds and their sense of well-being – all of which can contribute to their level of job satisfaction.

Wise business leaders appreciate the link between staff morale and productivity. Happy, committed teams achieve more and they tend to take less time off sick. Which is why they invest resources into  keeping their employees happy and motivated. They appreciate the fact that laughter and a certain level of frivolity in the office can pay appreciable dividends by helping people look upon their day-to-day activity as more than just a job.

HR Departments have many opportunities to put a little ‘colour’ into people’s working lives; celebration of key achievements, staff social events and the granting of time off to pursue personal interests, for example. Perhaps the most important one though, is transparency and clear communication. Complaints around the water cooler have a tendency to spread quickly and these can be toxic to a work atmosphere and general staff morale. Good line-management communication helps ensure happy, positive relationships by allowing people to see the value they are bringing to the company.

But back to the water cooler itself. What if employees could actually partake of more than just water? A Big Zero fruit slush machine dispensing 99.9% pure fruit content and delicious flavours as one of the five a day, with no added sugar or other nasties, can bring extra levels of enjoyment and health in equal measure.

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