Fruit Slush

Did you know that mild dehydration may occur when you lose as little as 1% of your body water, such as through sweating or missing a morning drink? Even losing such a small amount of water can cause tiredness, headaches, and dry skin.

Teachers should be aware of research that shows that losing 2% of body water can reduce cognitive performance, especially in children. Luckily, our bodies have built-in mechanisms to make sure we stay hydrated.

The solution to all this ? Drink water or a healthy, sugar and chemical free alternative.

Big Zero fruit slush contains 99.9% pure fruit juice and water. There is no added sugar nor other nasties and it’s not made from a calorie-laden syrup. Slushies are dispensed from a slushy machine – that’s crushed ice to you and me. It’s a cost effective alternative that appeals to both young children and teenagers alike.

More importantly, Big Zero will help keep your pupils hydrated and performing on top form.

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