The secret’s in the packaging …


No apologies for returning to the subject of the new School Food Standards. In our last post we showed how Big Zero fruit slush meets all the new School Food Standards. We expect this to remain a topical subject for a few months, as the warmer weather approaches and Big Zero ice-crystal slush drinks appeal more than ever to thirsty kids.

As the summer term goes on, school staff and caterers will be thinking ahead to planning for the autumn term. If you’re wondering whether to trial Big Zero fruit slush drinks in your school, you might like some further information.

As you know, the School Food Standards are particularly concerned to eliminate allergens and preservatives from food served to children. Of course Big Zero fruit slush does not contain any of the allergens listed in the new Food Information Regulations that came into force in December 2014. But people are sometimes surprised that our fruit slush doesn’t contain preservatives either.

Why the surprise? Well, that’s because another of Big Zero’s special features is the long storage life of the fruit slush.

If you’re new to Big Zero, your first meeting with us is likely to be when Ed arrives in his van with your GPG Carpigiani slush-making machine and takes you through its installation and operation. Ed will also bring boxes containing bags of fruit concentrate. Each box will be tagged with key information on production date, use-by date if not opened, storage information, and the period within which it must be consumed once opened.

Most customers are delighted to find that they can store unopened bags of concentrate for up to one year, but we are sometimes asked how this is possible without using preservatives. It’s simple – the answer lies in the special packaging we use.

The pure fruit concentrate that forms the base of Big Zero fruit slush drinks is packaged aseptically into a sealed, airtight bag. Provided the package is not harmed, the concentrate can be stored, in the right conditions, for one year. Once the bag is pierced and the contents made up into fruit slush, the drink must be consumed within two weeks. It is, after all, a natural product!