Resolution: stay healthy with The Big Zero


By now, most people will have abandoned the resolution they made as they entered 2016, with  an estimated 63% of people not even making it to the beginning of February before giving up, according to a recent YouGov poll. That number will have risen to almost 90% by the end of the year because breaking bad habits and forging good ones can be tough.

Most resolutions centre around having a healthier lifestyle, be it losing weight, eating better, exercising more or cutting down on alcohol. Many people trying to achieve these targets sign up to expensive gym memberships. Gyms are notoriously much busier in January, flooded with new members full of good intentions. Coming into February and March however, the queue for the exercise bike is more or less back to normal as these good intentions are overcome by dwindling motivation.

One of the most googled questions about resolutions asks “How much water do you need to drink to aid weight loss?”, but it isn’t just weight loss that drinking the correct amount of water can help with. It has also been proven that staying hydrated is key to improving focus and memory, which would be of great help for another common resolution: learning a new skill or language.

If only there was a tasty way to help you reach these goals…

With only 37 calories per serving and packed with all the nutrients 99% real fruit juice provides, having a Big Zero natural fruit slush machine in your office, school or gym will give your motivation the boost it needs to keep going in your quest for a healthier life. Our delicious icy alternative to sugar filled fizzy drinks and alcohol means you don’t have to just drink water (which can get boring really quickly) to improve your health.

One serving of The Big Zero natural fruit slush also provides you with one of your five a day and is a much tastier alternative to having cauliflower with your lunch. With our market leading Italian designed slush machines, free maintenance and special aseptic packaging which keeps our colourful concentrate fresh for up to a year, there’s no excuse for your workplace or gym to not give you a juicy incentive to keep up with your resolutions.

At The Big Zero, our only resolution is to keep drinking delicious fruit slushies. The only problem is choosing which one of our great flavours to go for!