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The ultimate:  Big Zero Slush Drinks Machines

The Big Zero: ultimate slush drinks machines


“…The slush drinks which are made with real fruit are fab …”

This was the enthusiastic comment on Tripadvisor by a customer of Big Zero, client Richard’s Fish Cafe in Paignton, Devon, last year. Our ice fruit slush drinks machines are ideal for bars, cafés and restaurants, as well as schools and for businesses (what a great addition to the water cooler!) Our stylish slush makers and dispensers are in action right across England and Wales, from the South Coast to Durham and East Anglia.

As you would expect from a company committed to producing ice fruit drinks with natural flavours and no preservatives, we use only the best machines to make and dispense our delicious slush-style drinks. What’s more, we supply and maintain them free of charge to customers who buy at least 20 litres of our juice each month.

We supply machines from GBG Carpigiani, which we consider to be the best available. They combine stylish Italian design (check out those stainless steel panels) with high levels of safety and functionality. They also take up very little space. The two-bowl ‘Spin’ model that Big Zero provides has a footprint of only 46cms x 52cms, and is a modest 81cms high.

In Italian these slush drinks machines are called ‘granitore’ or granita-makers. In English, we think of granita as a kind of frozen dessert, less creamy and more crystalline than ice-cream or sorbet. In its drink form we usually call it slush, so that’s what we’re talking about here, although we’ll return to the subject of granita in a future post.

Our GBG ‘Spin’ machines both make and dispense the ice fruit drink. They have a fast-freeze function that speeds up preparation time hugely, and they are also versatile, allowing you to adjust the consistency of the slush. They use a spiral mixer that is set horizontally and ensures a more even mix than vertical versions. They are of course compliant with all regulations on drink storing and dispensing, with an electronic thermostat that gives a digital display of the product temperature.

The machines have a few other useful features. The Push and Pull tap opening system is easy to take apart, clean and reassemble, while the bowls are also easy to remove and clean. The drip tray has a ‘Tray full’ indicator, while the illuminated cover has a lock safety system, and the machine stops when the cover is lifted.

Finally, for complete peace of mind, the Big Zero team ensures the safe installation of your machine and is on call 24-hours-a-day for maintenance.