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Fruit slush to slake the students’ thirst

It’s summer, but there’s still a week or two to go until the holidays start. In schools, kids are feeling the heat and getting thirstier. Teachers see how kids’ energy and attention drop on hot days, and they know how important it is for kids to drink plenty of fresh water. A healthy fruit slush drink is also a lovely treat for kids in hot weather, and can be helpful in keeping kids focused right up to the end of term.

More and more schools are taking advantage of Big Zero’s fruit slush offer. We supply high-quality GBG Carpigiani fruit slush making machines from Italy, the home of good fruit slush. We deliver and maintain the slush-making machines, and supply the real fruit concentrate to make fruit slush in a fantastic range of appealing summer flavours. Big Zero really does offer schools a good deal, with packs of fruit concentrate priced to make it attractive to supply in schools.

There’s no doubt about it – kids just love fruit slush. It’s a fun treat that really perks them up on a hot day, and parents can be reassured that Big Zero fruit slushes are made of natural fruit concentrate and don’t contain added sugar.

Schools also like Big Zero fruit slush because it doesn’t contain any allergens, preservatives, artificial flavours or artificial colours, and complies with the School Food Standards. It is an all-natural treat that has health benefits too. A fruit slush drink contains vitamins, and counts as one of your five-a-day. It’s a great way of getting kids to benefit from fruits they might not have eaten otherwise.

Fruit juices certainly have their place as part of a healthy diet in schools. It’s recommended that they be offered alongside a variety of other drinks, consumed in moderation. So we were interested to see that in Australia, where fruit slush is very popular in schools, they say that kids drink the icy slush more slowly and are therefore less likely to crave another one.

Big Zero fruit slush also meets the aims of the School Food Trust, which encourages schools to provide drinks that are unsweetened, unfortified and additive-free.

So, go ahead and give them a delicious summer treat!