Fruit slushieFruit slushie – the ideal summer drink

We’re very pleased that the Big Zero fruit slushie is gaining such popularity in UK schools and businesses. Icy pure fruit drinks are a sure winner in the summer months and a great option to achieve one of the five a day. The fruit slushie is also a great drink that you can make at home. Too many cold drink options these days contain high amounts of sugar and fructose corn syrup. The fruist slushie is therefore the ideal chilled treat for the kids on those long summer days. All you need is fresh fruit, ice and water. And, of course, a blender.

A fruit slushie can be the perfect drink idea for summer, when all we want to do is cool down with something refreshing and delicious. There are lots if ideas around for making them at home, and here is the recipe for something that is not just delicious, it is also wholesome and healthy, being made from fresh fruit.

These ice drinks are actually very easy to make – if you have a blender to hand, there’s nothing complicated about it at all. Try this summer strawberry fruit slushie – a classic for the British summer. You’ll need 175 grams of strawberries, 75 ml of water and 3 or 4 ice cubes. Now simply place all the ingredients into the blendy and simply process until all the ingredients are combined and you have achieved that sloppy, fruit slushie consistency. And… there we have it. Pour and enjoy.

Create your own combinations with whatever fruit is your favourite. Some of our suggestions are apple with orange & pineapple, cranberry, apple and raspberry, banana and perhaps our favourite – watermelon and mint. The grownups should try this one with a small dash of Pimms!