The latest recruit to The Big Zero’s expanding fruit slush team


In the second of our series of guest blogs, Richard Boyle talks about his background in youth work and why he thinks that Big Zero fruit slush is a great drink for kids.

I joined Big Zero as the Business Manager only two weeks ago, and I’ve definitely hit the ground running. The Big Zero brand name is gaining recognition fast, and we currently have around 350 dispensing machines in service around the country.

My colleagues have been at trade events in the last few months as far apart as Newcastle and Brands Hatch, and also in central London at the Oval. They tell me how much they enjoyed people telling them that they’d already heard of The Big Zero, and I know many of the potential customers I’m looking forward to meeting will already have heard about us through word of mouth.

I like the fact that Big Zero’s fruit slush is appealing to children, and at the same time are much healthier for them than many of the sugary alternatives that we still see in too many schools and leisure areas. I feel strongly about the health and wellbeing of young people – those who are responsible for providing drinks and snacks to them should make ake sure that they don’t contain added sugar or artificial additives.

I worked with children and young people in my previous career, as a manager for 12 years with the Buckinghamshire-based charity Action4Youth. This charity coordinates voluntary organisations that work with children and young people in the area, and does a lot of work training volunteers and safeguarding all those involved. I was involved in giving advice and training to volunteers who wanted to set up youth clubs or youth projects. Even though I now work for Big Zero, I still find time to help as a volunteer myself – teaching young people leadership and management skills can set them up for life.

Big Zero fruit slush is already popular in schools and academies, but I can see that it has much more potential in leisure venues – soft play areas for younger kids, and places like ice rinks and bowling alleys for the older ones. In schools, the managers must be careful to meet the School Food Standards, so Big Zero is particularly suitable as it contains no added sugar and can be served in 7oz (150ml) cup sizes. In commercial venues there’s another advantage – our fruit slush is a very cost-effective product for the venue operators, especially when you consider that we provide the dispensing machines, so there’s no capital outlay.

Big Zero fruit slush is a great product for kids, and one that I’m proud to promote. I will admit that I enjoy drinking it myself – we all do in the team – and I’m looking forward to new flavours coming out later this year.