Why fruit slush is what you need in winter


Fruit slush ice drinks in winter and summer

Fruit slush in winter – yes please!

Winston Churchill admired the Russians for their habit of eating ice-cream in winter. He thought that it showed their toughness – he was probably right – and said that a nation that could eat ice-cream in the snow would never be defeated. We, on the other hand, tend to look for warmth when the weather gets colder: warm houses, warm clothes, warm foods and warm drinks.

But we’re missing a trick here, because natural fruit slush is just as healthy a drink in winter as it is in summer, and in winter we need those vital vitamins even more.

Here are some more reasons why natural fruit slush is a good option in colder weather:

  • The best way to get warm when it’s cold is to get moving! Go for a healthy walk, join a dance club, get on your bike or work out in the gym. If you’re lucky and get the chance, go skiing.
  • All this activity will certainly warm you up, but it will also dehydrate you. When it’s cold, you sometimes don’t notice how dehydrated you’re getting. A drink of refreshing natural fruit slush will rehydrate you and bring your core body temperature back down to its normal level.
  • This could be really helpful for kids at school, who might not notice their thirst so much in colder weather, but will lose concentration if they are dehydrated.
  • A study in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition showed that people working out in a gym who drank cold liquids significantly delayed a rise in their body temperature.  They also showed a slight performance improvement on some exercises.
  • If you’re very unlucky and go down with a cold or even flu, sipping a cool drink will help to bring your temperature down.
  • There is a theory that colder drinks boost your metabolism and therefore help with weight loss. Whether or not you subscribe to this idea, one thing’s for sure – if you’re counting the calories, you need to know that Big Zero natural fruit slush does not have any added sugar.

There are other theories about the benefits of drinking cold drinks in cold weather. One is that, by lowering your core temperature through having a cold drink, you will not feel such a difference when you move from a warm house or office into the cold air outside. Perhaps this is what the Russians discovered.

Whatever the temperature, there is always a good reason to treat yourself or your customers to Big Zero natural fruit slush. But in autumn and winter especially, the cheerful colours of natural fruit are a real mood-booster, while the Vitamin C is just what we need at this time of year. Don’t wait for warm weather before trying it!