Fruit juice in the dry month


OK, that’s it for the party season. The decorations are down, and you’ve resolved not to drink alcohol for all of January. Even now, in the first week, you wonder whether how far you’ll get on just fruit drinks.

No alcohol in my fruit juice, please

No alcohol in my fruit juice, please

‘Dry January’.  It’s an annual ritual for many – sackcloth and ashes penance for your mid-winter excesses. Yes, you know. All this self-denial will eventually make you feel good. But in these dark days of early January, it’s a pretty bleak prospect, isn’t it? But then, at least there’s Big Zero. If you’ve overdone the partying, the natural sugars in Big Zero’s pure fruit juices can actually help lift your mood.

The health-giving nutrients and uplifting tastes of Big Zero’s ice crystal fruit drinks will make your winter diet a bit more bearable. Zingy tangerine or sour cherry cola juice, raspberry and strawberry fruit juices conjure up images of an English summer ahead, while tropical fruit juice evokes the warmth of an exotic holiday. Are we there yet?

At this time of year there’s lots of debate about the best hangover cures. Too much alcohol can cause a dip in blood glucose, leading to those terrible morning-afters. You’ve got no energy and you can’t concentrate on anything. You’re just in an all-round bad mood. And what’s worse, you can’t sleep either. You need some natural fructose to raise your blood sugar levels. One of of Big Zero’s juices will give you that instant energy boost you need.

Pure fruit juice helps to combat hangovers in other ways too. Alcohol is a diuretic, and the resulting dehydration can cause headaches. The water content of natural fruit juice is, obviously, helpful for rehydration.

The vitamins contained in fruit juice, especially vitamin C, help to restore nutrients that might be depleted by intensive partying. Together with the energy boost from fructose, vitamin C is also thought to play a role in boosting the body’s metabolism and helping to eliminate chemicals and toxins taken in with alcohol.

So, there’s a bit of good news as far as your ‘Dry January’ is concerned. It need not be dull if you restore your energy and lift your mood with Big Zero fruit drinks. You might even look forward to a bright and healthy month to start 2015. Oh, and good luck with those other New Year resolutions. Remember, after January, the toughest one will be behind you.


(Image courtesy, National Cancer Institute)