More about our Big Zero big fruit flavours

As we said in our last post,  new customers are joining The Big Zero fruit slush revolution every month. While there are several factors behind our growing success (exceptional value for money, cutting-edge machinery and peerless after sales service) the key reason behind our success is that our product is delicious.Zero - additives, sweetness, preservatives

All six of our thirst-quenching flavours are as attractive to our eyes, swirling around our GBG Carpigiani fruit slush machines, as they are to our tastebuds. But what is it that makes them so tasty? Let’s explore the secrets behind the flavours of our 99.9% pure fruit juices…


Equally delicious as jam on your morning toast or in a cooling afternoon fruit slush, these sweet, tart flavour bombs smell as good as they taste and are incredibly good for you. Thanks to their remarkable diversity of chemicals known as phytonutrients (which include antioxidants), raspberries have been shown to help fight against obesity and a wide range of cancers. They are also an excellent source of vital nutrients like vitamin C and manganese.


 Nature’s most delicious sweets, cherries carry just a hint of spice to go with all that fresh juicy goodness. Unlike the sweets found in the confectionary aisle, cherries are very low in calories and are effective as anti-inflammatories. One of nature’s few sources of melatonin (the hormone that helps us sleep), cherries are also proven to give you a good night’s rest. Perhaps you should replace your late night cocoa with a cherrylicious fruit slush?


 Also known as what sunshine tastes like, the sweet freshness of our tropical fruit slush will brighten even the darkest day. Packed full of the flavours of long summer days, the pineapple we include in our colourful fruit slush is famed for its digestive and vision benefits.


 The world’s most popular berry, and one of it’s sweetest, almost everybody loves the taste of strawberries. With hints of spice and caramel, their natural candy quality gives you all the sweetness you need, meaning we don’t have to add any sugar to our 99.9% pure fruit slush. Strawberries are an incredible source of vitamin C, with just a cup providing 113% of your recommended daily allowance (RDA). Just behind raspberries in terms of antioxidant richness, these deep red marvels regulate blood sugar levels while also offering cardiovascular support.

Apple and Mango

 The sheer versatility of the humble apple has led it to become the most cultivated fruit in temperate climates. Pies, cakes, juices, ciders and brandies all benefit from the variety apples provide. From the sweetness of galas to the extreme bitterness of bramleys, there is an apple for any occasion. Pair the refreshing crispness of apple with the sweet, exotic creaminess of mango, and you have a match made in heaven – which just happens to provide you with 100% of your daily vitamin C and 35% of your vitamin A.

Lemon and Lime

 There are some flavour combinations that are just meant to be: smoked salmon and cream cheese, fish and chips, fish fingers and custard (oh, just me then…), lemon and lime. Bursting with colour and flavour, these zesty siblings are some of the most widely used ingredients in the world. The sharp, clean flavours of lemon and lime are common palate cleansers, accompanying both high end desserts and hangover-inducing spirits like tequila. The citric acid that makes them so tart is thought to provide powerful antibiotic effects and help protect against anaemia and kidney stones.

Not only are our six frosty fruit slush flavours delicious, but there are some excellent health benefits too. Perhaps that’s why they work so well in our additive, preservative and 100% fat free fruit slushes. One thing is for sure – the clever people at our tasting and innovation centre have their work cut out to make any future products much tastier!