Children Meal Water

Children and teenagers are likely to become dehydrated as we head into summer as they spend time outside and participate in sports and playground games. Many just simply forget to drink whereas others are just too busy! Add to this that many children choose not to drink water – the natural option – claiming that they don’t like the taste. This could be because there are so many alternatives available, which are just too tempting.

The problem with these alternatives? On the whole, they are just not healthy, containing a lot of sugar and other chemicals. Now that we know that sugar is no good for our waistlines, brains and teeth, it’s our duty as adults to give the children in our care a healthy, yet appealing, alternative.

Children need a fun, tasty yet healthy drink

Today’s children and teenagers have been brought up with readily-available, colourful alternatives to water. Because of this, we need to offer water and a water-alternative that is healthy, tasty yet appealing to kids.

Big Zero fruit slush is dispensed from a slushy machine, is fun to pour and good to drink. Children love slushies and they are so healthy that they can be counted as one of a child’s five a day.

  • Healthy – 99.9% fruit juice with no added sugar or other nasties.
  • Tasty – A full range of fruit flavours.
  • Good-looking – good enough to drink in front of their peers.

Why don’t you call us on 01234 851 620 to discuss this healthy alternative to water – the drink that children will choose.